Financial Review Committee

The intent of the Financial Review Committee (FRC) is to make sure the chapter’s financials are open and
transparent to chapter members to ensure accountability. Three individuals, who are not signers on the bank
signature card, review the chapter bank account details. Typically, a chapter has officers as account signers which
is why the committee should be made up of non-officers.
The committee is to look for anything that seems odd or out of the ordinary (airline tickets to Hawaii or an expense
not budgeted for). FRC members will also double check receipts submitted for reimbursement to confirm they are for
legitimate chapter business. The committee will prepare a report for the chapter documenting any issues that may
arise during the review and suggesting ways the chapter can assist the treasurer.

The Financial Review Committee is made up of elected board members and non-elected associate members whose job is to ensure the financial transparency and integrity of the Chapter’s funds. Once a year a report is prepared that ensures bank records and internal chapter account ledgers are in alignment, that chapter funds are spent only on valid chapter expenditures, and suggests improvements our appointed Treasurer can make to ensure our finances are kept in order.

The Green Mountain Chapter has appointed the following members to review our finances this year:

  • Jack Groat
  • Hector Gonzalez
  • Neil Mortensen

Their report is due March 1st.