Board of Directors

2018  SHOW-ME Chapter Board of Directors

Bill Buening – President
Raymond Garcia – First Vice President
Jayme Keeling – Second Vice President
Shayla Pitts – Secretary
James Otterbourg – Treasurer
Oak Bandy – Region 5 Director

Timothy Crotty - Board Member
Randy Kennedy – Board Member
Randy Ward – Board Member
Richard Bergen – Board Member
Michael Batson – Board Member
Ernie Cotter – Board Member
Dillin Doty – Board Member

Wade Gleason – Associate Board Member
Steve Spies – Associate Board Member
Nicholas Smythia – Associate Board Member
Robert Harrell – Associate Board Member
Quinton Rainey – Associate Board Member
Wayne Gale – Associate Board Member
Bradley Atkinson – Associate Board Member
Brandon Peacock – Associate Board Member
Mark Schumacher – Associate Board Member
SCTE Show-Me-Chapter

2000 East Broadway, Columbia MO 65201-6091

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